Baby Hazel Birthday Party

Baby Hazel Birthday Party

About game «Baby Hazel Birthday Party»

Today is Baby Hazel's third birthday, and she is having a party. Her mother sent her daughter a cake and a gift to celebrate her baby in the morning when the baby was still sleeping. Hazel was overjoyed and began preparing for the occasion right away. But she won't be able to accomplish it without your aid. You must assist the infant in all aspects of her life so that today is the finest day of her life. You must first prepare Hazel for the holiday. Place the baby in front of the mirror so you may apply cosmetics to her, then outfit her in the most gorgeous frock and shoes. When Baby Hazel is ready, take her to her birthday celebration, where she will be joined by many of her friends. Make every effort to ensure that the newborn does not cry a single tear on this special day, but instead laughs and rejoices with his or her pals. This game is completely free to play on any device! Have a great time!

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