About Bloody Games

Bloody games are made for those who like to tickle their nerves with a brutal war against hordes of advancing zombies or criminal collection of money from unfortunate victims by the light of the moon. Here you will find free bloody games that do not even need to be installed on a PC. Just choose the craziest and most furious game and start playing online! The bloodiest heroes under your leadership will remake this world in their own way. Do you want to be the only survivor with a chainsaw during a zombie apocalypse or clear houses and roads from mercenaries with a large-caliber machine gun? Arrange an atmospheric Christmas party in red for someone, or become the most infected monster and eat as many people as possible? Do you want to arrange a mystical showdown in a cursed abandoned mansion on Halloween? Then blood games are what you were looking for!

What Are the Kinds Of Bloody Games?

Bloody Adventures is a series of violent games in which the player will control a real death machine. At your disposal will be a universal soldier, combat robot or machine capable of destroying all life in its path. They will be sent to the hottest spots, fight in the arena, or clear dungeons. With blood and cruelty here you will have to meet at every turn. To destroy enemies in online battles, you have access to a wide variety of weapons, ranging from a knife to a machine gun or a lethal bazooka. Bloody fights are distinguished by their cruelty and insanity, but they help to throw out the negative emotions accumulated during the day. In the section, you will find bloody online games in which the main task will be to cut and beat your enemies, who also want to inflict heavy wounds on your character. In this series of flash fights, it is important to immediately engage in battle until the enemy, whether it be special forces, ninjas, or even bloodthirsty zombies, does not hurt you first. Adrenaline and rage are added by dynamic music, as well as rivers of blood, which are everywhere in these games.