C Virus Game: Outbreak

C Virus Game: Outbreak

About game «C Virus Game: Outbreak»

Nobody even imagined how it could all end, but it all ended with the defeat of almost the entire composition of the secret base with a new and unexplored virus that infects the human body, but does not completely kill. Everyone who fell under its influence turned into something terrible and terrible, something that will never be human. It is clear that this object was under protection, and one of the guards still managed to avoid infection, but how long he will last and whether he can survive depends on you, if, of course, you are ready to start a new horror first-person shooter. Now the scariest part begins, have you already prepared your headphones and turned off the lights? Your hero was locked in a room with a killed guard, and he died from a knife blow, on the one hand, this is good, it means he did not die from a virus, but on the other hand, you need a weapon, so you have to take a knife.

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