About Kizi Games

You can play for free with a variety of characters, some from cartoons and fairy tales, others are very real people, and still, others are the fruit of the author's imagination. The most charming and popular alien creature lives in the virtual world. You can meet him by running free online games Kizi. What kind of alterations this funny alien does not get into, he fights against the invasion of terrible zombies and stands on the side of good against the mafia. Sometimes Kizi has fun, participates in rallies, and plays basketball or paintball. Users will have a great time together with a representative of another civilization, he is always ready to amuse the players. According to science fiction writers, representatives of cosmic heights have long found their way to our planet. They carefully disguise themselves as people or remain in the shadows, not showing their presence in any way. Not everyone is friendly, but the hero of the game Kizi offers to have fun for free, getting to know each other better. This is a smiling, one-eyed, green shorty with small legs. It looks a bit like a cartoon dinosaur, which suggests the origin of prehistoric lizards.

Who Is The Hero Of Kizi Games?

Perhaps some civilization once brought them to our planet? But back to our hero. He is very sociable and loves to be taken care of. Not everyone will be lucky enough to have such a cute creature from another planet, but you have become an exception, and now you can take care of Kesey by participating in his entertainment. Help him decide on an outfit, bathe, feed, and play mini-games where you have to show dexterity and observation. On each, there are different parts of the ship that must be obtained, overcoming all difficulties. It is also very fun to play transformations. Little Kesey emerges from a purple egg. When the same baby hatches from the second egg, both little ones must be combined into one new creature. Every time you have two identical Kizi of any breed on the site, combine them to get more and more new species.