Masked Forces Ancient Serpents

Masked Forces Ancient Serpents

About game «Masked Forces Ancient Serpents»

An old dungeon was found by archaeologists examining ancient ruins. Once within, they encountered a long-extinct race of creatures. These people are lizards. While some of the researchers perished, others were able to lock themselves in a bunker. Now you are participating in Masked Forces Ancient Serpents. Ancient snakes that do indeed enter the dungeon must save them. You must carry a firearm through a particular area. Monsters will assault you. You must keep a safe distance and fire your weapons against the enemy while doing so.

Old vaults and mysterious corridors are full of secrets, some dangerous but not always amusing. Your curiosity can cost you your life if you unintentionally come upon the local creatures. The snakes murdered some of the researchers, but the survivors sealed themselves in a room and sent a distress call. After gaining the greatest weaponry, the player will also need to enter the dungeon in order to save the scientists. You must destroy all the creatures while preserving your personal life because snakes can hide around in any area and wait for him to be slain as well.