Masked Forces: Dark Forest

Masked Forces: Dark Forest

About game «Masked Forces: Dark Forest»

Being a part of an elite squad now allows you to pursue countless evil spirits while hiding your identity behind a helmet. Launch Masked Forces: Dark Forest first, then start monitoring your area. Play a game in which you face off against evil supernatural phenomena. You fight hordes of evil skeletons in this game using special dark magical skills! The game features many quests, a selection of armaments with customizable weapon skins, and armor with special abilities.

Prior to the commencement of your expedition, decide on your defense and armament because they will be crucial to your life. As you go through the stages and make money, you can buy more powerful weaponry. Then choose one of the three levels, start at the easiest one, get used to it, and then progress on to the others. Choose one of the four available games, then start. If you do not fire properly and thoroughly examine the area, his skeleton warriors in this game will certainly employ their magical abilities against you. In this game, your adversary doesn't always fight bravely. So take care!