Plane Merge

Plane Merge

About game «Plane Merge»

In the idle tycoon clicker game Plane Merge, your objective is to accumulate as much cash as you can. In order to do this, planes must be bought and placed on the track. You get paid every time the aircraft completes a tour. Over ten different types of aircraft are available. Their respective speeds and incomes vary. Every illustrious company had a modest beginning. You begin with a basic plane. Purchase a second one and place it on the track as well. Purchase the third and then the fourth once you have made enough money from it. You can open a new, improved aircraft from a higher level by clicking and dragging the second plane of the same type.

Each plane's level is visible on its wings. Three bars can be seen at the top of the gaming screen—the first display your advancement to the following level. You can obtain an overview of your present status and revenue by clicking on this panel. The second is a unique currency you may use to make your planes faster and more successful. By clicking on the panel, you can purchase these tokens.