About game «Murder»

The most important and most almighty was always the king, he was allowed to do anything, according to his decision, they could execute and make gold, he lived for his own pleasure, but only not many people know that being a monarch was also dangerous. How many persons claimed the throne, and not all of them were strangers to the royal family, even there were such sisters and brothers who wanted to get the throne at any cost and the murder of the king was only in their hands. Unfortunately, you can't get away from this, and if you are ready to take on the heavy burden of the royal person or one of the Royal Assassins, nothing bothers you, press start and go! The first role is the role of an assassin who sneaks after the king with a large dagger in his hand, while the king suspects nothing and calmly walks through his castle. But it’s just not a reason to go, you need to calmly try to raise the dagger, but only so that the king does not notice, and as soon as he turns, immediately hide the knife behind your back.

Watch how to play: