Zombie Robogeddon

Zombie Robogeddon

About game «Zombie Robogeddon»

For those who love to play with their emotions and raise their blood pressure, zombie games are designed. We are transported to a world where a horde of zombies has been taken over by the colorful and horrific video game Zombie Robogeddon. There aren't many healthy people left and they are all hiding in small communities to keep up the defense. You must jump into the action and try to wipe off as many zombies as you can in this game. After finding yourself in a specified spot, swarms of monsters will immediately attack you from all directions. Although each zombie moves at a different speed, you must be quick to choose your targets and click the cursor to destroy them. As you accomplish this, you get points for defeating enemies.

You have the most straightforward mission to eliminate zombies in the online game Zombie Robogeddon. Try clicking on the zombies that come on the screen to kill them. There are several levels in the game. With each stage, there will be more monsters than before. Watch out for them and eliminate them all.