About Fidget Spinner Games

Surely all of you have heard about a new toy called a fidget spinner. It is not surprising if a couple of such things are hidden in your home. Those who like to turn something in their hands all the time have long known about such fun as a fidget spinner. Now they can play free online fidget spinner games virtually. This is great entertainment that does not require special talents and skills. Just spin the blades and collect coins to exchange them for useful upgrades. With their help, you will increase the maximum allowable RPM of the blades, lubricate them with grease for easy rotation and you can change the look. Among other game options, there are those where you have to shoot colorful balls like Zuma or remove identical chains of balls on the field.

Pros and cons of spinners and fidget spinner games

If physical fidget spinner toys have been known for a long time, and more and more fans appear to turn them in their hands, then the virtual version was born relatively recently. At the same time, it should be noted that online fidget spinner games offer more opportunities for gambling people. Everyone can learn how to play fidget spinner games, and very quickly. There is nothing in it that would confuse or make you spend too much time learning the rules. The only thing you need is to turn the "propeller" to the maximum available number of revolutions. Since any topic suggests options for its implementation, free fidget spinner games are also ready to offer several. Some provide additional improvements as you accumulate coins. Others may only vaguely resemble the original game. The balls have different shades, and the blades, consisting of the same balls, rotate on the axis in the center of the screen. They should be removed with a projectile shot, which should attach to a group of the same color as it. If the group you need is too far away and not available for a direct shot, use the ricochet. This means that you can shoot at the opposite wall at a certain angle, and the ball will bounce off it, attaching to its group. Dare, play, spin - choose, create your own fidget spinner and have fun with it at 100% power of the virtual game world!