Taking care of babies is a girl's business. And every girl should know how to do it right, because in the future they will have to do it in real life. It is very important to ensure a happy childhood for the baby so that he grows and develops safely. Sometimes this job is not easy, and parents cannot strike the right balance between work and family. And we invite you to play with our little Baby Hazel. She is a joyful and happy little girl, with whom spending time is a real pleasure. It will not be difficult for you at all, because it is quite easy with her. You will be with her in the most important moments of childhood and will worry about this baby as your own child.

What are Baby Hazel Games all about?

There are different activities: dressing, cooking, puzzles and more. Together with Baby Hazel you will visit the seacoast for the first time, and in winter together you will decorate a Christmas tree. Sometimes things will not be so fun, because Hazel will have to visit the dentist and other doctors. But together with you, she will transfer this experience to the positive! Baby Hazel Games do not require particularly difficult navigation. All you must do is have a computer mouse and click on the objects you need to interact with. Our developers have prepared for you many interesting quests, the completion of which will bring you closer to Baby Hazel. Together with the child you will learn a lot about world culture, spend many holidays together, the preparation for which you will like. Baby Hazel Games is a great opportunity to spend your free time and at the same time learn something new and useful. Millions of girls from all over the world love these games and will be happy to welcome you in their circle.