Do you know which category is one of the most popular among boys of any age? Yes, it is Racing Games. Here you can choose any type of transport and ride it. It can be a bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, car, tractor, plane, boat, etc. You can also move to another era and try to ride on the modes of transport that were created by our ancient ancestors. Or vice versa, visit the future and ask what kind of transport will look like in the future. And how wonderful that you choose the transport, where you will go. And in some games, we offer you to choose in detail your car or other vehicle, choose the color, type of engine, wheels and more. But since we have the Racing Games category, you can take part in races not only on transport! Various animals such as horses, ponies, unicorns, and others are also involved. And believe me, it is no less exciting than riding a car. Moreover, you can escape from the planet Earth and fly into space on rockets! Or you can take part in the race as a regular runner and show how fast you run and deftly overcome obstacles that have been set in advance in the stadium.

Are Racing Games really meant for every age?

These games are very versatile because they can be played by both parents and young children. The developers have created a lot of separate games, specifically for each age group. The little ones can play cars with their favorite cartoon characters and understand how transport works. And adults can take part in wild races in the mountains with dangerous obstacles and cliffs and get the maximum dose of adrenaline! And it is all free, you can start playing right now on our site!