Trafic Jam 3D

Trafic Jam 3D

About game «Trafic Jam 3D»

Traffic jams have become a headache for residents of many modern cities. But is there a fundamental solution to this problem? It hasn't been invented yet. In Trafic Jam 3D, you will be sent to a busy road where you must go through the traffic as rapidly as you can. The objective is to cover as much ground as possible while avoiding all the autos. You must show up on time and early at the checkpoints.

In the game Traffic Jam 3D, you will be driving through congested traffic. There will be a total of 4 modes available to you. You will finish a number of levels in career mode, earning rewards along the way. In the Infinity mode, your goal is to avoid crashes for as long as you can. You will strive to get to specific checkpoints in the time trial mode before your time runs out. The final mode is free mode, where you are free to do anything. You can buy new enhancements for your car or even a brand-new one with the prizes you earn. Enjoy eye-catching graphics and effects and all the fun modes. Let's play now!