About Escape Games

Here you will have to solve various riddles, puzzles, charades, think through logical chains that connect completely random, at first glance, objects, and much more in the shortest or limited time. And all this in order to escape from a closed space: a room, a house, a Bank, a castle, a factory, a country, and even a planet. Games of this genre have actually a short history; born at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, they have generated such popularity that now millions of people around the world do not want to drive cool, high-speed and armored cars online, shoot a variety of weapons and play solitaire ..., they are trying to Escape! It doesn't matter how you got here, now your main task is to get out of here! Turn on all your logic, and observation, pay attention to the simplest things and unusual, move objects, read postcards and look at pictures… Find hints, rare and unclear. Look for a connection in all of this. By solving all these puzzles and puzzles, putting items in a chain of conclusions, you can find a key that allows you to go to another location, to another level of difficulty. Although sometimes just having a key doesn't give you a direct answer, you need to understand which lock it belongs to and how to enter it. But what an adrenaline rush when you were able to do it and got one step closer to freedom.

What should we do in these games?

Feel like a hero of the movie "Jumanji", when they, using their skills, attention, resourcefulness, knowledge, logic, and sometimes luck, were able to get out of this seemingly unlucky situation, risking staying in the country for many years. Situations and locations offered by the games "Escape Games" can be everywhere: anywhere, in a crowded city or on an abandoned rocky island, can only concern you or your friends, can be with creepy monsters or constantly disturbing you by little penguins. It can be an adventure, fantasy, nightmare, or just a fun story that you want to go through with your children, while teaching them to pay attention to details, increasing their horizons and knowledge. Such experience and such bonds in the team can be useful in their future lives. Play our games in your daily life at any time. Overcome all virtual obstacles and charge yourself with confidence, luck, creativity, care, and even a great mood. It should be added that many games are made with excellent graphics and music. Pleasure is provided for you.