Noob VS Pro VS Stickman Jailbreak

Noob VS Pro VS Stickman Jailbreak

About game «Noob VS Pro VS Stickman Jailbreak»

Once more, Noob found himself in jail, where the Stickmen are keeping a tight eye on him inside the prison's walls. It will therefore be incredibly challenging to flee. However, Noob is unfazed by problems because he relies on the player's assistance and believes that much can be accomplished by working together.

You must assist Noob in every aspect of the game so that he may trick the Stickman guards and escape from jail. Utilize the indicators in the top right corner of the screen to monitor the character's hunger and energy levels. You should give Noob pizza if he gets hungry. Click the symbol on the bottom left to get started. He will need to rest when he becomes fatigued in order to regain the strength required to finish the duties involved in the escape. By paying close attention to everything that happens on the screen, you can aid him with this. If a pickaxe, for instance, appears on it, you must click on the associated symbol to give it to Noob, who will then use it to make a hole in the wall for her. Additionally, it's important to blow up the Stickmen, set up various traps for them, and take every precaution to aid Noob in escaping.