Cute Zoo

Cute Zoo

About game «Cute Zoo»

Welcome to the zoo of a beautiful and brave girl, Moana. She and her comrades went to great lengths to equip a large animal nursery. Different types of birds and animals live here. They all live on an exotic island. Animals require special care. Do not think that keeping a pet zoo is so easy. In the game you have to make every effort to help Moana take care of the animals. Among them you can meet tiger cubs, elephants, penguins and others. Each of them needs your care and help. Treat the animals, wash them and feed them. This is your mission. Remember that animals, in particular toddlers, need entertainment. Take time to play fun games with them. Tiger cubs love to play with mice, when elephants love balls. Penguins don't get bored when there is water nearby. They can dive, swim, have fun in full. Indeed, the zoo is quiet only at night.

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