Power Boat Racing 3D

Power Boat Racing 3D

About game «Power Boat Racing 3D»

When we talk about swimming, summer somehow immediately comes to the mind, the ocean, waves and ships... Swimming plots are limitless in their forms. Races on water are no less spectacular than on land, and we want you to see this and participate in our exciting competitions in the game Power Boat Racing 3D. We offer to start with mastering a water scooter and going through test races. This will not oblige you to anything, you will get used to managing transport, there are some nuances here. And when you feel more confident, welcome to the start of the fast races. This is a short distance competition. Then you will face a duel with time, and finally, the most important thing - participation in the Championship. Become a winner in all stages and get the main prizes. You can play this game from various devices for free.

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