Vikings vs Skeletons

Vikings vs Skeletons

About game «Vikings vs Skeletons»

The Viking embarks on a quest to exterminate the unwanted visitors since he does not want the skeletons to conquer the surrounding area. Assist valiant warriors in dealing with adversaries to stop them from moving forward with their crafty plans.

Move through the area with caution since there are skeletons that can harm you with the weapons you also possess if you don't use them skillfully during combat. Avoid hitting the hero to prevent harm and subsequent loss of health, which can only be restored by gathering hearts scattered across the area. Pick up any coins or stars you come across along the journey to get more points and boost the total statistics. Run away from flying birds or quickly slay them with a sword to avoid injury. In order to avoid falling into the abyss, jump over the cliffs. Avoid falling into traps that have razor-sharp protrusions from the ground. Break down any barriers to development. Enjoy Friv2 games online!