Maria Coronavirus Shopping

Maria Coronavirus Shopping

About game «Maria Coronavirus Shopping»

An educational game on the current topic, Maria Coronavirus Shopping helps to inculcate behavioral abilities in a challenging epidemiologic setting. This digital leisure depicts the 2020 pandemic as it is happening. The central protagonist received a distressing SMS from an elderly, distant cousin to buy the necessary things. The girl asks the player to assist her. She needs to gather her things first, wash her hands before she leaves, and then treat her hands with an antimicrobial spray. Bear in mind to protect yourself by using gloves and a mask. Then, purchase the items on the list from the closest supermarket. Then deliver them to a relative you assist.

In the modern circumstances it is absolutely vital to know such things even if you are a child. It is good to have people around who will look out for you but you still should know the basics. These days, certain population groups are more vulnerable to the virus, thus it is imperative that we take every precaution to safeguard them. If you enjoy shopping games, you'll love this one as well!