Princesses Back to School

Princesses Back to School

About game «Princesses Back to School»

The princesses visit the school again after a long absence because they wish to interact with the professors and other students. However, they cannot show up unprepared and in casual attire that is inappropriate for the situation. In order to integrate into the school environment without drawing criticism from others, girlfriends urge you to pick out the appropriate clothes and accessories for them.

You'll need to take care of the princesses' changes in appearance by dressing them appropriately so that they don't look out of place inside a school's walls. Find your own personal style for each lady as you go, keeping the dress rules for the school in mind. Select an item by clicking LMB if it seems harmonic with the rest of the wardrobe details and suits the overall scene properly. Once you've identified a great outfit combo, move on to the following step, which entails acquiring accessories to complete the look. After you've finished with the appropriate clothing and accessories, experiment with a whole new, drastically different haircut from the norm.