Cat Rescue - Apple and Onion

Cat Rescue - Apple and Onion

About game «Cat Rescue - Apple and Onion»

Don't miss Cat Rescue - Apple and Onion because it's unlike anything you've ever seen before; an incredible experience is waiting for you. Let's start with the fact that it features some unique characters, including fruits, vegetables, and animals. Two close friends, a crimson apple and a delicious leek adopted a little kitten as a pet. You can meet your closest pals Onion and Apple, who each have a favorite animal, in the game. The pals are searching for a prankster who is in danger at every step of the city after their cat once escaped away from home. Take part in the search effort. Friends need your assistance to fix it so they can bring the cat home.

Pick a character to assist in saving the cat first. Either Apple or Onion is possible. The chosen character will be situated on one side of a busy road that has an almost constant flow of moving automobiles. There is a cat on the other side of the railroad, and it needs your assistance to find its owner. Press the left mouse button as soon as it is appropriate for him to begin moving. Play this game on any and all gadgets and devices.