Stickman Shooter 2

Stickman Shooter 2

About game «Stickman Shooter 2»

You are in for some genuine hardcore if you enjoy stick-figure video games. Prepare for a tough defense of your fortress as it comes under continual siege from hostile forces. You have a few interesting firearms on hand that you can use to deal with weak enemy forces, but you'll also need to try some new things. The enemy is at the gate, so get to work straight away with your stickman who is already prepared for combat!

It is your responsibility to protect the stronghold and prevent any attack from the enemy. There will be a wide variety of enemies, including soldiers, armored vehicles, "brain" units, and various hybrids. Your basic weaponry will do for the first level, but you'll need to keep improving them after that. The upgrade system in the game is flexible, allowing you to enhance not just the stickman's offensive and defensive arsenal but also the fortress gates' health. Remember that gold will never be abundant, so only improve elements that will actually assist you in passing a level. There will also be numerous levels!