PUZZLE Police Car

PUZZLE Police Car

About game «PUZZLE Police Car»

This is a fantastic activity for youngsters to practice mindfulness and critical thinking. Gather crosswords that feature different police cars, and always pay attention to the time. Although there are no restrictions on your activities in this situation, the sooner you do the mission, the better your game score will be. When the upcoming puzzles are added, you will be able to compare your past results to those that were attained.

Logic is the capacity for foresight and prediction. People are naturally curious, and this trait may be further developed by challenging oneself with novel tasks. We aim to acquaint you with the duties of a service like the police in the new PUZZLE Police Car. On the screen in front of you, there will be images with several police car models displayed on them. One of the images must be clicked with the mouse for it to be opened in front of you. The image will then disintegrate after that. You must now transport these components to the playing field, where you can combine them to recreate the car's original appearance and score points.