Rust Bucket Rescue - Ben 10

Rust Bucket Rescue - Ben 10

About game «Rust Bucket Rescue - Ben 10»

Ben is once more with us, and he will now leave to save the earth from awful beings who have made the decision to seize control of our globe. Let's first examine what occurred. It turned out that Ben had gotten a phone message informing him of the disappearance of passengers who had chosen to explore the desert more thoroughly. Ben is forced to go to the place and independently examine all the traces, including those of individuals who "aided" the passengers in vanishing as well as the traces left by the travelers themselves.

Once more, our hero receives assistance from the Omnitrix, who helps him turn into the most prevalent animal in the desert. Identify who Ben changed into. Naturally, in a lizard. First of all, lizards don't fear the heat; second, they don't need to eat or drink constantly; and third, they can fit through a variety of small spaces that humans cannot because of their size. Since he was able to locate traces, you can now start traveling for tourists. Have fun with Ben! Or lizard...