About game «EvoWarriors»

Gaining the greatest score possible while playing EvoWarriors is the main objective. You must collect the colorful bubbles that are scattered throughout the square and eliminate other players in order to advance through the levels and succeed more. The more users you eliminate, the more skills you'll learn. Your development in EvoWarriors starts out slowly, but with each round, your appearance will change to one that is increasingly intimidating, your size will increase, and your arsenal will also get better. In the higher rounds, you'll land on a really sizable square! But there is a condition.

Your health in EvoWarriors is always the same, regardless of level. This implies that a complete beginner blow has the potential to kill a fighter who is already supercharged. You can hit an opponent from a farther distance the higher your level. On the game's bottom panel, your character's rank is displayed. You must gather food, like delectable steaks, green apples, appetizing hams, ginger ale, eggs, and freshly baked bread, in order to expand it. Have a blast!