Bubble Shooter Planets

Bubble Shooter Planets

About game «Bubble Shooter Planets»

You have a fantastic opportunity to participate in a unique shooter. Its defining characteristic is that it comprises miniature versions of the planets in the solar system rather than regular balls. To get rid of all the balls from the playing surface, try to make well-aimed strokes.

There are several interesting levels that will test how accurate you are while still being thrilling. Start the game from the first level, finish the assignment, and you'll gain access to the harder challenges. A cloud of colored balls in various combinations that resemble various planets will be visible at the top of the playing area. There will be a catapult filled with the same balls at the base of the playing area. Your goal is to use it to make accurate shots such that a ball of a particular color lands precisely where other balls of the same color are. Some of the balls will vanish from the playing surface if you are successful in doing this. Only when there are no more balls on the playing surface will the level be deemed complete.