Bubble Shooter Planets

Bubble Shooter Planets

About game «Bubble Shooter Planets»

Virtual application Bubble Shooter Planets is a typical bubble shooting game with the nice graphics. Colorful balls serve as bubbles in it. The planetary squad slowly goes down towards the lower part of the field. You have to shoot at the bubbles with bright projectiles to eliminate everything before they get to the lower part of the screen. This is a relaxing and addictive game. The Bubble Shooter Planets is expecting for you. Bubbles are slowly but extremely confidently advancing downward, attempting to take over the whole screen. Fire attackers at bubbles, gathering three and more same celestial bodies in one place. They will break away from the whole group and disappear, and in this manner you can destroy the space balls and cleanse the screen. Shots don't need to be thoughtless, select the proper targets for maximum impact.

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