Masha And Bear Cooking Dash

Masha And Bear Cooking Dash

About game «Masha And Bear Cooking Dash»

Who hasn't heard of the popular cartoon Masha and the Bear? In the online game Masha And Bear Cooking Dash, you have the option of participating in their gameplay. Masha developed a new form of entertainment for herself after she became too bored. The girl wants to start an animal cafe where she will feed the animals. Make this wish come true for her. And let no one go to bed tonight hungry. You will acquire a command from animals in the meadow. You can see the precise desires of one animal or another in the fog of thoughts. You will need to purchase or prepare this food in the following stage. Utilize whatever is in the refrigerator.

By left-clicking and dragging the culinary implements, you can begin preparing a meal. To prevent confusion, tips will appear on the screen. Feed every fluff Masha discovers in the jungle. You can discover the most well-known meal recipes from your beloved cartoon in this game. As you can see, doing things in this way is both useful and enjoyable. Have a blast with your favorite cartoon characters!