Are hands itching, ya?, Do you want to fight with someone for justice, or throw out the adrenaline, or just show my strength. .. Fights are cool, aren't they?

But if you want to keep your health and a healthy skin, then we invite you to the world of fighting games. Fighting games – computer games that simulate hand-to-hand combat of a small number of characters within a limited space called an arena.

The world of fighting games has become huge and diverse over the years, but is still considered a classic of the this genre is Street Fighter and Mortal Combat. You can master the art of finger fighting on any computer you like and use it in a variety of combos and special attacks and try to strike deadly blows as quickly as possible to defeat a variety of opponents.

But if you don't want to just click on all the buttons to win, and above all, think with your head in the best traditions of the hero "RAMBO" or "ROCKY" then it's time to get familiarized with the world of real battle simulators.

On friv2online you will find a huge number of simulators of Boxing, MMA, kickboxing and other types of martial arts. They are fun to play, regardless of whether you are a sports fan or not.

You can feel like a real boxer who must clearly read the actions of the opponent to take the victory in a hard fight. You will learn what jabs, hooks, crosses are, master them and other types of punches. Having an excellent reaction, you will win only because of your own skill.

Or you can try on the role of a real boxer who rises from the bottom to the top of the Olympus of world Boxing.

In our games, you will find many different ways to demonstrate your martial arts skills. Whether you join a karate tournament, or end up in a fistfight somewhere in a back alley, or go to the far East to learn kung fu or ninjutsu, or travel back in time to Ancient Rome and take part in deadly tournaments, Gladiator arenas. And here either a thumbs up in recognition of your victory, or swallow the dust and say goodbye to life.

A true martial artist doesn't need a weapon to fight off enemies. Your fighting spirit and technique that you have mastered will allow you to defeat your opponents only with your fists and feet. Feel like a master of martial arts in our karate, kung fu and other hand-to-hand fighting games. Disarm your enemies with quick moves win every battle.

Of course, in this category of games there are a lot of fighting games for two players that will give you the opportunity to remove your virtual aggression in social terms. But regardless of whether you choose a game for 1 or 2 people, these fighting games will entertain you for hours or just minutes that you have at your disposal.

Exciting fighting games will not let you relax, you can do everything in them! Just one click separates you from the most amazing fights: turn on and fight on the friv2online!