Super Late - DC Super Hero Girls

Super Late - DC Super Hero Girls

About game «Super Late - DC Super Hero Girls»

A thrilling running game sponsored by the DC Universe's characters is called Super Late - DC Super Hero Girls. Superpowered individuals made the decision to have a small party, but their preparations were foiled when criminals assaulted the city. They hurried to save the innocents right away, but Commissioner Gordon is keeping an eye on the girls, so that's a concern. The challenge is to get home in time for Gordon to realize the damage.

Three tests make up the product, and each of them will feature a different heroine. By shielding a broken pipe with your shield, Wonder Woman may help you navigate the location's challenging parts, while Catwoman can scale stairs. The following two protagonists each have unique abilities; the first can teleport through challenging terrain, and the second uses an energy shield to deflect attacks. You will have the option to play as a supergirl and a heroine dressed as a bee in the final task. The second person can transform into a little bee and fly via the ventilation pipe if it is not a difficulty for the first to breach the gates.