Super Late - DC Super Hero Girls

Super Late - DC Super Hero Girls

About game «Super Late - DC Super Hero Girls»

DC Super Hero Girls need your help again! We need a brave player who will help restore justice in the world! The action takes place in a big city. Unfortunately, a thief appeared in it, who constantly does evil to the inhabitants. He has assembled his own gang of criminals who keep citizens awake every night. A group of brave girls came to the city to defeat the criminals. And your task is to be their assistant. Every night you will go out to patrol the streets of the city. Listen carefully and when you hear a cry for help, immediately run to that place. To move faster, you will move on the roofs of houses. But be careful and skillfully jump over the gaps between two separate skyscrapers. To do this, click the left mouse button in time. When enemies appear in your path, open fire to deal with them.

Watch how to play: