Wheelie Bike

Wheelie Bike

About game «Wheelie Bike»

Grab your helmet and mount your bicycle in game_game! We are ready to go on a thrilling excursion. Our stick figure, who is one of the bravest creatures, is moving once more! In this game, can you assist him as he pulls off some challenging motorbike stunts?

You need to have a good balance to ride a bike. The croupier is one of the best bicyclists despite having a big round head and a frail physique. Join him now as he attempts to break the current record! In the game, your objective is to continue performing the wheel trick as long as you can. In real life, feats like these can be challenging to do, but in this game, all you need to do is use your mouse! Tap the screen to launch the game. Your character will progress all by itself. Wheelies require frequent screen clicking in order to execute and endure. The game is over once the front wheel contacts the ground. Your score will then appear in the top left corner of the screen when this occurs. In the lower right corner of the screen, you can see how many times you've tried. The screen's lower left corner has your record.