RedBoy and BlueGirl

RedBoy and BlueGirl

About game «RedBoy and BlueGirl»

Welcome to the wonderful world of adventure! RedBoy and BlueGirl will appeal to all fans and fans of the Fire and Water series. You will again embark on an exciting journey together with the little spirits of the elements. Now you will visit the enchanted forest. There are hidden magic stones that will help restore the energy balance in the temple of spirits. Only after learning about this, the boy Lava and the girl Voda hit the road. Are you ready to help them? Then let's get started! There are twenty levels ahead of you that are filled with danger and adventure. To complete the level completely, you have to collect all the jewels at the location. It will be pretty simple at first, but the levels will get harder over time, which will make you work hard. You can play with both characters at the same time, or simply invite a friend to visit and play for two.

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