Police Car Chase Crime Racing

Police Car Chase Crime Racing

About game «Police Car Chase Crime Racing»

Do you wish to experience the courage of a brave policeman pursuing a violent offender? You now have this chance because of the captivating online game Police Car Chase Crime Racing. Launch it right away to dive into the sea of drive and excitement. Three different game modes are available. Select the single-match mode if you want to navigate the city's streets by yourself. If you prefer the pair option, you can set up a competition with a companion. You'll get the chance to participate in a thrilling battle against the clock. Any police car is up for grabs. Some of them are available right away in the game, whereas others can only be bought once you've amassed enough money.

You must accomplish the tasks at each level to achieve this. You can engage in risky shooting in addition to the thrilling pursuit of criminals in the game. To get close to the automobile you require and block its path, you will need to spread out the other cars. As a result, you will make an investigation and score points for it. Use any smartphone or gadget to play this amusing game.