Diamondhead Shoot - Ben 10

Diamondhead Shoot - Ben 10

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What comes to mind when you hear the word "Hex," I wonder? This was the name of one of the most potent magicians who served the forces of darkness and drew his abilities from a variety of ominous dark books on witchcraft, as you surely know if you've seen the classic animated film about Ben's adventures. However, the sorcerer is determined to gain control of the entire planet in order to dominate, and the remainder will become his slaves, serving his whims. So, everything would be good. He awoke hundreds of odd flying skulls to materialize his filthy thoughts, and they all went to carry out his scheme. Some people even made an effort to reject Hex's plan because they did not all follow it.

You'll need to use the Omnitrix's capabilities to change into one of the alien life forms in order to escape the sorcerer's trap. Select the Diamond life form alongside the other guys, then use it to thwart the Hex-inspired minions. How many skulls can you stomp out simultaneously? Have fun!