Black Panther: Jungle Pursuit

Black Panther: Jungle Pursuit

About game «Black Panther: Jungle Pursuit»

The Hydra deliberately sneaked into Wakanda's jungles to set off a covert device. Only the Black Panther's stealth and dexterity will now be able to overcome the Hydra and stop the explosion. The Hydra is an evil organization that frequently causes issues for people on Earth, and the Black Panther is a specially trained fighter who battles primarily in the jungle while wearing only black clothing.

The hero himself emerges in front of you on the forest road after a brief description of the Hydra and the Black Panther. Explanations of how to do it display on top of it before you start moving. Before any challenge, instructions on how to behave appropriately then appear. It is described how to jump over the platform from above, in front of it. Here too, explanations emerge if there is a red foe holding a shield. Magic chips occasionally get in the way of the Black Panther. It is advised to gather them all. Pits can also be found in the game. They must have leaped over. Claws and powerful blows aid in taking out Hydra guards, whose management is thoroughly taught.