Gunslinger Duel

Gunslinger Duel

About game «Gunslinger Duel»

In the Wild West, dueling cowboys is a standard procedure to which they go when resolving serious conflicts. In the online game Gunslinger Duel you have to become a part of this exciting event and demonstrate that you can become famous as the most dangerous cowboy in your area. You will see a classic, brutal gunfight between two opponents. Surely in the films you have seen such a scene and understand that reaction speed is important here. The essence of the gameplay is that two cowboys face each other. Each of them wants to destroy the other. Your task is to be the first to shoot at your opponent in order to destroy him. But here it is important to act promptly and accurately, since there are only a limited number of cartridges in your colt. At the beginning of the online game Gunslinger Duel, you can change the appearance of your characters and then purchase new wardrobe items, accessories and new weapons for them in the store. Therefore, win the gunfight to get more funds to buy new items.

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