Bomb The Bridge

Bomb The Bridge

About game «Bomb The Bridge»

Bomb The Bridge is a dynamic toy that requires you to take on the role of an expert and knowledgeable miner. How many enemy soldiers can cross to the other side of a bridge and continue their march depends on your skill to mine bridges. Fortunately, you have so many explosives on hand that there won't be a shortage. Try to position the explosives so that you may finish the job the first time. If not, you will need to try out more successful strategies, but this won't make the game more monotonous!

There are 12 levels in the game, and each one requires you to destroy a different type of bridge. Armoured vehicles and soldiers will originate from many factions. Everyone needs to cross the bridge and move in the direction of their adversaries. However, they overlooked the fact that you had already placed the bombs so that this might be their final expedition. You get 4 bombs in each test, and it is advised that you arrange them extremely sensibly. If you eradicate the bridge and all adversaries, you will be able to get three stars.