Johnny Revenge

Johnny Revenge

About game «Johnny Revenge»

In the game that bears his name, Johnny Revenge, one of the most successful secret agents, welcome! There are bad guys everywhere, and they have evil intentions. Let these rude people know that while you are at work, they cannot hurt the city. Complete a variety of missions to thwart crooks and free the captives by completing multiple levels! With you, the city is safer!

The goal of the game is to finish each level or assignment by eliminating all of the enemies there and rescue the captives. Being a covert agent is difficult, but with these game's straightforward controls, you can end the world with a few well-placed clicks! You will come across many opponents firing weapons at you in each stage. You'll go into slow motion as you draw closer to them. Tap on the screen to shoot them when your weapon is directed in their direction. Explosive barrels can be used to eliminate multiple bad guys with a single shot. But be careful! You have to think about the security of the hostages. Don't shoot them or you will fail the mission.