Pool Club

Pool Club

About game «Pool Club»

Who said that winter is simply the time for winter sports? There are several games that can be played all year round, including the Pool Club, to which we cordially invite anybody who can handle a cue. We hasten to promise you that you will learn everything if for some reason you have not yet mastered this great sport. Some people might claim that you need to study geometry and have a good eye in order to play billiards, but you can now verify that this is untrue.

The key is to correctly pick up the cue, in this case, the mouse, since you will use it to control the force and direction of the ball strikes. Playing billiards is actually not only simple but also highly entertaining. The cue ball, which is white, is referred to as the main rule when playing any variation of the pool, and it cannot, under any circumstances, be hammered. Its sole purpose is to be used to strike the balls and drive them into the pockets. Pick a pocket and the ball you'll use to make a hit with the cue ball.