Yoda's Jedi Training

Yoda's Jedi Training

About game «Yoda's Jedi Training»

Play the Yoda's Jedi Training for free online. We are all familiar with the Star Wars narrative. We closely followed Luke Skywalker's escapades as the main character. about how he developed into one of the most powerful Jedi warriors from an ordinary youngster who lived on one of the outlying planets. The entire account of his life and exploits was entertaining to see.

Master Yoda is regarded as being the strongest of the Jedi. He has already produced many outstanding Jedi. And just now, Luc Dagoban is studying under him. The training techniques used by Master Yoda are not in the least bit compassionate. You and Luke must persevere while running through marshes and jumping and flying through tropical vines. Not only that, but you will also have to scale steep walls and chop your way through prickly vegetation. Make no mistakes or you will be sent back to the beginning. A collision with a concealed purple cocoon can be fatal, so take care. They are typically found on tall, dark platforms. Gather every golden mask and coin; they unlock bonus levels.