What is Star Wars?

Games Star Wars is the legendary film saga by George Lucas. It can be said that he created and popularized his own world. After all, this series of films has become the most significant, both commercially and technically, of all films currently made. Star Wars is a breathtaking mixture of fantasy, the space epic, and mythology. This is a whole universe inhabited by numerous peoples and different races. But in general, Star Wars touches on the eternal theme of the war between good and evil, where the Republic is good, and the Empire is evil. We want to introduce you closer to this fantastic universe in the Star Wars games section. Here you will find the coolest and most exciting games for every taste.

About Star Wars Games

Each mission provides its own tasks, tactics of warfare, and weapons. Also, you can choose any of the proposed parties and develop them in campaigns. In games inspired by the saga, you'll meet Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Qui-Gon Jinn, Captain Panaka, Padmé Amidala, and more. But the big-name warmed up not only the classics of the genre but also by-products that echo the space theme. Everything related to spacecraft, you will find in this section. Mighty cruisers disperse stardust as they cruise between planets to conquer or protect them. They attack the transport of a potential enemy or enter into trade relations with them. In these games, you will experience fantastic weapons in practice and meet master Yoda, true to his idea and perfectly wielding a lightsaber to put opponents in their place. You will become a killer who hunts the Jedi or take part in the latter, and you will also fight against the robots that have taken up arms against you. The sky has always seemed serene to us, but in fact, there is a real war going on. Master Kit Fisto moves towards Quarante, supported by the Separatists. He raised and led the opposition Republican forces and is determined. Protect your base and repel enemy attacks. Star Wars games are numerous offers to be in the image of familiar and favorite characters.