Star Wars Rebels: Ghost Raid

Star Wars Rebels: Ghost Raid

About game «Star Wars Rebels: Ghost Raid»

Play the free version of Star Wars Rebels: Ghost Raid online. The game Star Wars Rebels: Ghost Raid, in which we immerse ourselves in the Star Wars space saga and get to experience its principal characters' adventures, is what we're introducing to you today. You were instructed to send a jet fighter down to the globe to assess the situation after it was discovered that a dark force was constructing an unidentified facility on one of the planets. You ascended higher into the atmosphere and moved toward the specified location. However, the radar revealed that the base is patrolled by the enemy, therefore we must now use force to enter it.

To avoid being shot at by opposing interceptor missiles and ground-based self-propelled weapons, you will need to maneuver your fighter through extraordinary turns and perform acrobatic maneuvers. Return fire to destroy hostile ships and ground targets since your ship is armed as well. Using practice images, learn how to maneuver and fire the game's opening request. We have no doubt that you, as a calm pilot, will overcome all obstacles and finish the duty given to you by the command.