Micro Tank Wars

Micro Tank Wars

About game «Micro Tank Wars»

Play Micro Tank Wars online for free on all types of gadgets. Miss good old times with the good old games? Don’t worry, we have prepared a classic tank game right now for you. Once you signed up, the first tank is already waiting for you. Then climb it and go to the area, where your opponents are waiting to play the game. The key point is to try to eliminate other players’ tanks.

All projectiles fired during tank combat bounce off the virtual walls, which is its key characteristic. Such boomerangs from projectiles can be used in situations where the opponent lingers in one area for too long, allowing him to quickly rebuild and get past the shelters. However, you are also hurt by these shots in addition to the enemy. Please take note that there isn't endless ammo available here; instead, it eventually replenishes. You will need to constantly move out from the area where the fired shells ply in different directions because not a single tank on the battlefield can be destroyed with 1-2 bullets.