Goblin Run

Goblin Run

About game «Goblin Run»

Individuals can be found in the digital environment in a wide variety. There is good and evil, of course, and there needs to be a balance, as they say. How would you evaluate a good or bad character in front of you? Someone will evaluate him based on his name, someone will judge him based on his looks, and there is also a chance that someone will criticize him based on his actions. Of course, the last option is the best one. In reality, a character's appearance is less important than what he does and what others think of him. Even though our next hero isn't exceptionally handsome, he nevertheless helps others and does nice deeds. You are right to notice that there is a goblin next to us; however, this goblin is not just any goblin; rather, he is trying to help his mother heal, which requires the usage of gold.

Help the goblin get all of the gold. The goblin just needs to leap on one of the hills to discover the missing gold. This won't be hard; the most crucial thing is to make the quick leap over the muck. When jumping, make an effort to gauge the height and force of the leap!

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