All of us in the distant or not very distant childhood played such games-shooting games. Whether it was war games, jousting tournaments, desperate pirate battles, animal hunting, or the daring passage of Ranger soldiers through enemy territory, killing soldiers and armed fighters for survival.

In the possession of a weapon, there was a sense of your strength and at the same time your security; your superiority and authority; your ability to make a decision in a short time, on the level of reflex, to use it.

Weapon in Gun Games

It's not just a tool for fighting someone or something. It is a means to achieve your goals. Mankind has used weapons since ancient times. The first weapons were a stick and a stone. From the very beginning, the main purpose of weapons was primarily protection from predators, and then — hunting. But then the weapons were also used for military purposes.

It changed with the change in society. And sometimes the appearance of a new type of weapon was the reason for the evolution of society.
Collector time. Bronze swords and shields appeared. Then weapons were made of iron. There were melee weapons (swords, axes, spears) and throwing weapons (bows, slings, javelins). During this period, in addition to hand weapons, various blockade engines (ballistas, catapults, rams) were also used. The first crossbows also appeared.

In the middle ages, there were heavily armed knights, so they needed weapons that could fight them. And it appeared – firearms. With the use of gunpowder, a change has occurred in the Arsenal of siege engines: they are beginning to replace the guns.

And further and further, over the years, firearms are actively improving and completely replacing throwing weapons. There is a final division of firearms into hand weapons and artillery. Multi-shot rifled small arms are being invented. As a result, the rate of fire and range of fire of firearms increases. There are machine guns, mines, grenades, bombs, shells, torpedoes, missiles, tanks, planes.

In our online games, you can try out all types of weapons: from the most traditional and classic, to the most fantastic, or those that you design for yourself. Or you can quickly change your weapon when you run out of ammo, just drop it and grab a new one as soon as possible.

Shoot everything that moves, improve your eye and hand coordination.

Or maybe you prefer a few crazy battles between two players or with several players in a team against opponents from all over the world on Earth, in space and on other planets. Increase your rating or number of wins and become a GREAT and INVINCIBLE SHOOTER!

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