Pubg Vs Bots

Pubg Vs Bots

About game «Pubg Vs Bots»

PUBG is the shortened name of the game (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) or (PUBG), which took top places in the ratings and gained a record number of players. The game Pubg Vs Bots is a multiplayer online shooter in the "every man for himself" or "royal battle" mode. The game is a survival simulator in the real world, where as many as 100 players fall at the same time and they all fight for their lives. Only one player can win, who must remain the last one alive. Immediately after landing on the ground, start looking for weapons and ammunition. Look around so as not to let any enemy get close to you. Having found weapons with weapons, you can already defend and fight the first enemies that come across on your way. Run around the map and look for buildings with a favorable location and a good view. Watch the enemies from the windows and shoot everyone you see. Better to kill first than to be killed!

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