Pizza Ninja 3

Pizza Ninja 3

About game «Pizza Ninja 3»

The kitchen is a true hell; the oven is laboring against wear and tear, and you can't unwind because of the constant chaos. The master chef must have enough time to chop the necessary components to satisfy the clients without leaving anyone without food because there are several requests for making pizza. With a real katana in his hands, whose blade is so sharp you can cut anything with it, your character is not just a regular cook. The "vegetable" warrior still needs a capable aide who can pass the pizza-cooking exams, though. Every time more orders come in, so cut up fruits and veggies as quickly as you can and use them as toppings for pizza.

There are several different game modes, including arcade, challenge, and memory. Try to hold out as long as you can in arcade mode because the pace might sometimes go up really quickly. Don't overlook extra ingredients that can simplify your life. In addition to these, bombs will sporadically surface, decreasing the likelihood that the mission will be successful.