Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars

About game «Basketball Stars»

We had no idea that playing basketball could elicit so many happy feelings. No, everyone knows that sports are fantastic and beneficial, but we have never seen a sport with as much humor as the one we discovered in the brand-new sports game Basketball Stars. Of course, there were humorous games that were also similar to football with heads, but this one stood head and shoulders above the rest.

Prior to entering the court, head to the basketball locker room and select one athlete from among the greatest competitors in this sport. Oh, yes. There are two different game modes: one with computer basketball players and the other with actual players. Now pick an athlete for yourself, and assist your opponent in selecting a player. The number of players on the pitch must then be decided. You can start the game as soon as the referee blows his whistle; there can be one from each team, and possibly two. Each athlete has access to a variety of throws; try them all out to see which one you are most adept at.