Billy the Giant Hunter - Adventure Time

Billy the Giant Hunter - Adventure Time

About game «Billy the Giant Hunter - Adventure Time»

We'll travel to one of the farthest planets today with the protagonists of the well-known animated movie "Adventure Time" (Fin and Jake) to meet Big Billy, a valiant warrior who feels it is his responsibility to defeat monsters. By the way, we hope you are aware that Big Billy hunts for enormous creatures, but he is unfazed by this and he daringly slashes them with his sword, which Billy calls Notang.

Each monster is roughly the size of a tiny asteroid, so Billy climbs on it and cuts it into pieces from start to finish while it spins in zero gravity. So that the monster does not awaken and startle Billy, everything must be finished swiftly. In addition to the monster's enormous size, it will also be surrounded by smaller monsters that will make every effort to save their master by throwing Billy off the monster. However, this is not permitted. Use the cursor keys to maneuver Big Billy away from little creatures. If only Billy can use his sword to slay the enormous monster, it won't be worth it to battle them because they will perish nonetheless.