Driving Service Passenger Bus Transport

Driving Service Passenger Bus Transport

About game «Driving Service Passenger Bus Transport»

You are required to operate a unique vehicle that transports criminals in accordance with the rules of the game Driving Service Passenger Bus Transport. It is a strong, fast bus with enormous wheels. Visit the jail, take out the prisoners, and then transport them to the police station. But take caution, as the route is littered with hazards. Drivers with strong skills are desperately needed for the city car fleet. Do you wish to learn or are you able to operate virtual machines? You can learn anything you desire from us! Although we are aware that you have already experienced countless driving games, we bet you have never attempted to play the part of a city passenger driver.

He will select a car and drive it out of the garage. The bus will now go along the city streets under your direction as it progressively picks up speed. To get to the stop, you'll need to skilfully pass other cars. You will make the landing and passenger disembarkation here. You will then set out again and continue on your path after that.