Fill the Gap

Fill the Gap

About game «Fill the Gap»

Nearly everyone, without exception, enjoyed it when we all had our own personal Tetris game. This game was included with a gaming system along with many other games, all of which had square, monochrome visuals. The excitement surrounding the gaming system has subsided over time, and if the toy has not already been disposed of, it is now lying around amid other unneeded items. But why not reminisce about that period instead? You may do this by starting a new puzzle, which is extremely reminiscent of our previous pastime, without even bothering to seek a dusty console.

You can arrange the dice that have already appeared by planning around the incomplete rows of dice that are in the middle of the screen and the figures that will appear next underneath the playing area. By the way, unlike the uncommon Tetris, in this game, you can collect both horizontal and vertical lines as long as they are filled. This means that the level won't end until you have earned the necessary quantity of points.